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Gardener Resources

Kids working on crafts at a workshop

Add an Event

A great way to increase attendance at your garden's events is to let us know about them! We will post your event on our events calendar, which can be seen by the public on the Department of Parks & and Recreation Calendar too.

Forms/Service Requests

Providing language access services for patrons with limited English proficiency continues to be a priority at Parks. In 2011, Gov. Cuomo signed Executive Order 120 requiring all City agencies to improve customer service by providing translation and interpretation services for all New Yorkers.

Our service request forms are now available in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Russian, and French.

GreenThumb does not accept Soil and Lumber requests via email. Please contact your Outreach Coordinator or the GreenThumb office at (212) 602-5300 to confirm eligibility.

Soil Request Form
Gardens in good standing can request soil, compost, mulch or clean fill from GreenThumb. Ordering soil or compost requires attendance at a Soil or Composting Workshop.  Mulch and clean fill are available upon request to registered GreenThumb gardens according to need.

Lumber Request
Are you doing a construction project or have structures that need reinforcing? Gardens in good standing can request lumber from GreenThumb. Lumber requests require attendance at a lumber workshop. Please check the program guide for various types of workshop about lumber building.  

Sign/Open Hours Request Form
Have your Hours of Operations changed or do you need additional signage? Gardens in good standing can request an official sign from GreenThumb. Sign requests can also be made online, at the links listed below.

Hydrant Letter
Do you need access to a nearby fire hydrant for your community garden? Gardens in good standing can request a letter from GreenThumb to receive a hydrant permit from DEP.

Request a Sign Online

All sign requests are for registered GreenThumb gardens only.

Open Hours sign: An 8 1/2-inch by 11-inch laminated sheet with the garden’s weekly schedule of open hours.

Membership Update

To submit your full membership list please email the membership update form to or download and send to our mailing address.

Assign a Contact

GreenThumb requires each garden to select a primary and a secondary contact person. This page explains what a GreenThumb Contact should and shouldn’t do.

Solve an Issue

Learn more about how to handle any issues that may arise in your garden. For any serious or life threatening situations or to report a crime, please call 911 or your local precinct.